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[CAPS] Kusame Backstage

BECAUSE...their relationship makes so much better sense WITH subtitles.

*cough*Kame looks so hot here*cough*

Waiii, it's so much better with subtitles. Thank you BNS fansubs, now everyone can noe the TRUTH of Kusame.

lolol sorry, im being an overly obnoxious fangirl right now. ♥
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Awwwwwww that was always my favorite part because you see Kusano fangirling Kame so much! heheh but now with the subtitles, it turns out he REALLY IS fangirling Kame!! sooo cute! <3
I love how Kame doesn't give him a choice, he TELLS him that they are going out, hahaha. Awwww.
freakin godz XD

you're good at writing, drawing, humorous, you're just too perfect XD`loves ya~
datz funny...
wer did u get da english sub? i wanna watch dat video w/ english sub..
can u tell me wer i can get it?
Aw, this ish so funny and kawaii! Haha~ Thanks for putting this up. Is there any summary videos with english subtitles??? Thanks again! We need to spread the Kusame love! Mwuahaha~ (But we're already doing that... XD)
Ahaha but Kame did not go out with Kusano in the end and Kusano went like:
"I'm really going home now!!" *with an angry and being bluffed face*

Which vid is this one?? Can someone point me to a DL place, please :)?