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kusame's Journal

Kamenashi Kazuya x Kusano Hironori
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KUSAME: A Kamenashi Kazuya x Kusano Hironori Community

Hello! Welcome to the livejournal community made just for the pairing/relationship of Kamenashi Kazuya (KATTUN) and Kusano Hironori (NEWS). We all know that Kusano has been a dear Kame fanboy during his younger years and his cute fanboying seen throughout most of the episodes of Hadaka no Shounen are incredibly adorable. From his sweet confession to his adorable tackles and his constant support for Kame is hard not to notice especially when the fanboying is coming from such an adorable kid like Kusano.

Thus I created to community to gather all those who adore the cute sweet relationship between Kame and Kusano because I know I'm not the only one who still adores this pairing till this day.

So please feel free to post fanfics, fanarts, clips, anything Kusame related in order to spread the Kusame love. ^_^

[x] Absolutely NO FLAMING. Why are you even here? (No bashing of Kusame/Kusano/Kame, and don't bash other members please, let's keep this a happy community.)
[x] Please respect other people's opinions in what they say.
[x] Please label your posts like this: [Fanfic], [Downloads] etc
[x] Please friends-lock all multimedia posts such as clips, mp3s, etc.
[x] Please put all images/fanart behind lj-cuts.
[x] Remember to credit the resources where you got your files/graphics etc.
[x] More importantly don't take things out of this community without asking permission from the person who posted.
[x] Please only post things Kusame related. There are other communities to post about Kame or Kusano individually.
[x] More importantly, have fun and contribute by showing your support. ^_^