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[Screencaps] Summary 2004 Backstage

Looks like this is my first post here ^^ Hi! I'm Catherine, and uhh, I don't really know what else to say XD. I love Kusano and Kame though♥

I was inspired by kawaiibabyheero's previous post to post some of my screen caps. I took about 360 screen caps from the Summary 2004 Backstage clip, cause I wanted to make it into a story eventually when I got more time. And I thought I should share my Kusame section here even though I am neglecting my own communities and even my own journal >o<.

I hope you guys get some enjoyment out of it.

Could be considered PG-13-ish for pervy humor.

Kusano: Hii!! Ya, Ima waiting for Yama to get back, he promised me sex after the concert. So Ima sit here and look cute and talk to the camera <3

Kusano:OH! Hi Yam-
Yama: *Grrrgrumblemumblebitchmoangrowl*

Kusano: I guess he's in a bad mood. Dammit >o<

Kusano: Well this sucks...

Kusano: *thinking* ZOMG kamenashi-kuuuun <3 <3 <3 He's walking over here!! JERWKLJEKAKWEKL!!!

Kusano: OMG OMG!! I can't believe you're right here in front of MEEE!!
Kame: Yes yes, calm down Kusano-chan.


Kusano: YOU CAME TO SEX ME UP, RIGHT?! *flail*

Kame: Shh... yes... But we can't do it on front of the camera. Get rid of the camera first.
Kusano: *still flailing with love*

Kusano: HEY BITCH CAMERA PERSON! MOVE! GET! GO!!! If Kame wants you to leave, then you must leave. Can't you see that KAME wants to sex ME up?! Get outta here so that we can have crazy butt sex!

Kame: So, as soon as that damn camera leaves, we can get it on!
Kusano: Really? I can't waait. *wishes the damn camera would leave*
Camera-person: *gotta get this all on film o_o*

Kame: Kusa-
Kusano: Woowww... sex with Kame-kun again. It's been so long. I really can't wait, I wonder what new tricks he'll come up with this time *,*

Kame: Hey Kusano-
Kusano: *still fanboy-ing over the Kame!sex*

Kame: KUSANO~!
Kusano: Yesss?
Kame: I have a new idea since this annoying camera guy won't leave.

Kame: I'll go wait in that room over there, and you come over within the next ten minutes. I'll be waiting on the bed with all my clothes off.
Kusano: THEN we can have crazy butt sex?!?!

Kame: Yes yes. As much as you want~♥
Kusano: O__O
Kame: So make sure you come on tiime~♥♥

Kame: Ima be going now. Don't forget~
Kusano: Oh don't worry, I'll be there~ <3

Kusano: ZOMG! Can you believe Kamenashi-kun and I are going to have crazy butt sex in just a few minutes?!?! Man I can NOT wait!!! *flails*

Kusano: SCORE!!! *flails some more then runs off to Kame*

The End

Yeaaahh... I shouldn't be doing this at almost 5 AM... my brain doesn't function at this hour >.< It wasn't nearly as funny or creative as kawaiibabyheero's, but I enjoyed making it, and I hoped that you guys found some entertainment in it. Eventually I'm planning on using most of my screen caps from this clip to make more stories, but that will all have to be some time much later ^^;;

Also, I'm not sure if any one would be interested, but if anyone wants a zip of all 360-something caps, I can upload it. Just let me know :)
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